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When investing in leading technology solutions, partnering with an experienced strategic advisory is critical to maximizing your ROI. The most successful engagements are bolstered by deep industry insight—and a proven track record of success.

Partner with Promatics, and you’re covered from end-to-end. Engage us for a specific issue, or let us take you from design to launch to on-going support.

Planning and Advisory

Whether you're just setting up shop or you are re-strategizing and you need a solid IT plan to propel your business forward, our team would help lay down those plans, advising on best practices for various operations, such as your IT structure, Network Structure, Email Security, Cyber Security, Communication Structure, etc.

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Using your prepared IT project roadmap, we would work with your company and teams to successfully champion and execute such plans. This could be migrating to cloud systems, deploying Office 365, configuring your email servers, managing your disaster and recovery policies, CPanel management, etc.

We basically work to implement a well laid out plan designed by our product specialists or an internal plan that has been approved by your organization.

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Alliance Plan

Tap into our dynamic technical support that scales with your organizations needs. Having us as allies means you wouldn't have to worry about the cost and troubles of having an in-house IT team to manage your IT operations. Instead you can leverage on our IT expertise as the need arises within your organization.

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Unlock hidden opportunities and increase work efficiency by interconnecting the different platforms and softwares you use within your organization for your distinct operations and processes.

Imagine the benefits that come with linking your accounting software to your HR software, or even your CRM software. We can also work with you to properly migrate from one software to another without loosing important data.

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App and Website Development

We design and develop applications that engage your users and increase your bottom line. Between mobile apps, web apps and websites we're driven to collaborate with you into creating a viable solution.

In building apps we make sure to use the best technology, making proper research to make sure the result is something that's useful, usable, and delightful to the end user

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Someone once said that just because something works doesn't mean that it cannot be improved, and we couldn't say it better. In optimizing we help you study your current structure and ways of operating, we do this with the aim of seeing ways we can actually improve a situation, making the most effective use of time and resources

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