Law & Practice Management Features to Get More Done, Faster.

Designed from a legal practice perspective, Prometheus helps you see the big picture. With all the resources your departments need ─ matter, email, litigation, legal spend, document & contract management, e-Billing and reporting, outside collaboration features, and calendars, ─all you have to do is focus on what you do best: practice law.

Even more, Prometheus is scalable, which means your organization will never outgrow the system.

Complete Practice Management for Legal Practitioners

Case Management

One central source of truth for all case information related to each case with file notes, and alerts. Link every contact, document, calendar event, note, time entry, and bill to the appropriate case to make your law practice management tasks flow as smoothly as possible. Work on your cases at home or on the road.

Enhanced Billing & Accounting Support

Present line items clearly on your legal invoices and stay on top of your law firm’s work in case progress, billing history, invoice payments, aging receivables, and see all transactions connected to a matter or client. Also, Prometheus enables you to run built-in multiple accounting reports and simplify reconciliations.

Document Management

Save thousands of document, image, audio, and video files in your Prometheus storage and pull up any legal document on your mobile phone or laptop at any time. Easily create new folders and sub-folders, name them, and nest them within any of the existing folders. Create sub-folders within each client folder for correspondences, notes, pleadings, and retainer documents. Spend less time preparing stacks of documents—and more time preparing your case.

Time and Timesheet Tracking

Capture every billable minute without losing track of the work you do by recording your time as you go. Prometheus also tracks non-billable entries to monitor the performance and efficiency of your firm's flat fee and pro bono cases. Whether you’re working remote or at the office, time entry has never been so seamless.

Legal Calendaring

Prometheus provides comprehensive legal scheduling that works the way you do. Prometheus keeps you one step ahead by managing appointments, tasks, deadlines (and more) for yourself, everyone in your workgroup or the entire firm. Invite clients to appointments, events and convert appointments and events into time entries to ensure all billable time is captured.

Matter Management

Client matters are the building blocks of your legal practice, and without the right management tools, your practice could fall apart. We understand how important this information is, so Prometheus makes all your client and case files instantly accessible, intuitively organized, and easy to use. Like an administrative assistant, Prometheus keeps your tasks and deadlines organized so you can get things done.

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