Optimize the Present. Build the Future.

We’re on the cusp of a whole new era in digital innovation. Advances in the Internet of Things, AI, blockchain, and applications spell enormous opportunity for your company as an ISP. But to create the world of tomorrow, you need to optimize how you operate today. That means implementing smart systems and even smarter business processes.

Prometheus features are mission-critical to the daily work of ISPs and are designed to meet the needs of your growing business! You’ll partner with elite enterprise technology experts who also understand the business of technology. We're in sync with the ideas, trends, and practices pushing tech forward—and have experience weaving these insights into tools and workflows that generate a measurable impact on business performance.

Automate. Simplify. Scale.

Helpdesk and Ticketing

Prometheus is tailored to telecoms-specific needs and has everything you need to refine your customer support in one place — ticket management across multiple channels, process automation, SLA tracking, reporting and more. Using rules, automatically assign tickets to the right person, prioritize work and schedule the tasks for the technicians and check all statistics, agent or performance and much more within Prometheus.

Manage Recurring and Subscription Revenue

IaaS transactions are complex—and are only getting more so. We’ll implement a streamlined, centralized accounting system that automates everything from recurring billing to general ledger, including automatic invoices and notifications so everything is taken care of for you.

Self-service Portal

Using the self-service portal, your customers can review invoices and payments, open tickets, and plenty more. It's basically everything they could ever want, all in one place. As you’d expect, the portal is equally accessible on desktop, smart phones, or tablet devices. So your customers can check-in from anywhere.

Business Intelligence

To remain competitive and survive in today’s rapidly changing business environment, ISPs must be able to quickly respond and adapt to changes in their business. Prometheus Business Intelligence (BI) reporting gives you data-driven intelligence at your fingertips, providing an accurate and holistic view of your business. With BI, you can make intelligent business decisions that lead to opportunity and reduce churn.

CRM & Contacts

Prometheus changes the way you view your customers. With our software, you can sort customer data in whatever way you choose: by service, by status, by type – however you want. What does this mean for your business? Your customer experiences can be tailored with minimal intervention. For example: emails can be automatically triggered for certain subsets and scenarios– saving you significant man-hours, while still making each user’s experience feel personal.

Inventory Control

Tracking your inventory is simple with Prometheus. Monitor items as they move from the warehouse to an installation vehicle, to the customer premise, or even out for RMA. Define as many attributes per item as you like – MAC addresses, serial numbers, IMSIs, and more. Or add as many variables as you want to customize it to your needs. Each item’s entire lifecycle is stored on the system, showing where it’s been since day one. You’re in absolute control.

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