Transform Legacy HR Management Processes with Prometheus.

Recruit and manage employees and attendance, track leaves and expenses, and handle onboarding, training, and appraisals efficiently with Prometheus. It's human resource management made easy.

Prometheus is built for the Enterprise, Ideal for remote work
and made for you.

Hire, onboard, and grow your incredible workforce.

Trainings and Performance Management

Keep upskilling your workforce with our Human Resource Training Program module. Schedule training events for your employees, which are automatically linked to employee calendars so everyone can view scheduled trainings and plan their to-do lists accordingly.

Payroll and Workforce Management

Manage your workforce better; automate time-consuming, repetitive tasks; and free up your people to be their most productive selves. Prometheus also enables you to run payroll, generate and email salary slips, and manage leave applications effortlessly.

Expenses and Records Management

Managing employee expenses is often a tedious and inefficient task for employees and finance departments alike. Prometheus helps you digitize your expense management process and thereby improving its overall efficiency and user experience. As a fully-automated enterprise suite, Prometheus helps reduce the time spent on accounts payable and other administrative overheads, all the while helping your finance team to manage all expenses online and make informed decisions.

Hiring and Onboarding

The perfect hire is out there. Recruit and acquire talent intelligently with Prometheus. Manage hiring with an built-in recruitment tool that lets you plan manpower requirements, publish job openings on your website, review and email applicants, and store documents. With linked data between staffing plans and job openings, we'll make sure you don't exceed your HR budget.

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